What is the manager account
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The manager account in the HeyPros software is a user role designed for managing a location/group. Managers are second in charge, with only administrators being above them.

The manager role allows users to modify their location/group, invite users, as well as create and manage work orders.

Managers are NOT limited to one location/group. Administrators are able to attach Managers to multiple locations/groups.

Let's take a look at what a manager can see and do:


1. Click on the profile button on the bottom left

Click on the profile button on the bottom left

2. Click on "Location Details"

If manager is attached to multiple locations, they'll be able to choose which location they are managing currently. They must switch between locations/groups to view what's in each.

Click on "Location Details"

3. From here, the manager is able to see and edit location/group details

Location/group Details shows details of the location selected (visible in the "Profile" drop-down menu in the previous step)


4. Click on "Users"

5. From here, managers are able to view, create, and invite users into their Location/Group.

Managers can create users from the top-right button "Invite User"

Managers and other user roles will not be able to see administrator accounts!

Work Orders

6. Click on "Work Orders"

7. Managers are able to see, create, and adjust work orders

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