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Manager’s Workflow - Creating a work order
Manager’s Workflow - Creating a work order
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In the previous articles, we've created our customer, their project, and an estimate. We've also got the estimate signed. Let's continue on how we can create a work order from a signed estimate.

1. Navigate to "Work Orders" on the sidebar menu.

2. Click on "New Work Order".

3. Select which booking option you prefer.

4. Assign a Location/Group. If you only have one location, pick the default option.

5. Title your work order.

6. Enter a work order #

7. Select which category of job the work order belongs to (you can create custom categories in the settings menu).

8. Enter a start and end date (these can be a range instead of an exact date and can be altered after creating the work order).

9. Enter price, if you've chosen for the work order to "Allow Offers" this will be a starting price for your subcontractors to bid on. If you've chosen "Firm on Price" or "Instant Book" it will just be a price field.

10. Enter a "Description".

11. Enter the address of the job in the "Location" field. The exact address will only show to a subcontractor once they've won the job. Until then, they will only see a general area on their end.

12. Upload any job site photos, drawings, blueprints, or documents that you would like the subcontractor to have access to on the work order.

13. When done, click "Continue". If you'd like to save the work order and complete working on it at a later time, click "Save Draft".

14. The last step is deciding which subcontractors you'd like to publish the work order to. You have the option to post the work order to specific subcontractors by checking the boxes next to their names, publish the work order to all subcontractors within the category of job you assigned the work order to, publish the work order to all subcontractors in the location/group you assigned the work order to, or publish the work order to literally all of your subcontractors.

We've finished creating our work order, congrats! 😎

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