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Public and Private Work Orders
Public and Private Work Orders
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Sometimes you may want to send a specific work order only to certain, individual contractors. This article will help describe and differentiate public and private work orders.

Let's start with contractors, as they are the ones who see and interact with work orders.

Unlike other users, contractors do not require to be assigned to a location to function properly.


When a contractor is unattached to a location, they are able to see all public work orders between all locations.

However, if a contractor is attached to a location, not only do they see all public work orders, but they are also able to receive private work orders directly from the location they are attached to.

Public Work Orders

When one creates a work order and publishes it publicly, all contractors on your platform are able to see the work order published, regardless if the contractors are attached to any location or not. The previous article, "Manager's Workflow - Creating a work order" showed how to create a work order, and publish it publicly.

Private Work Orders

Creating private work orders follows a very similar process to public work orders. Let's see how it's done.


1. Navigate to "Work Orders" on the sidebar menu

2. Click on "New Work Order"

3. Type in the details of the work order

4. When finished, click on "Continue"

5. We'll be brought to the next prompt. This allows us to choose how to publish our work order

All of these contractors are attached to our location, "Orlando". Due to this, we gain the ability to send this work order directly to them, because this work order belongs to the same location.

6. To select contractor(s) to privately send your work order to, first select them. You may select more than one. On the bottom, we can now send the work order just to "Selected Contractors".

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