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Updating Work Orders - Schedules
Updating Work Orders - Schedules
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At times, your client may reach out to you and say that date adjustments are needed for the job, or your contractors may say that they may need an extra day. HeyPros offers a neat schedule change order, that allows schedule changes to happen during an ongoing work order.

On this page, we'll show you how you can request a schedule change on a work order that was already sold to a contractor:


1. Navigate to "Work Orders" on the sidebar menu

2. Click on "Calendar View"

3. From the calendar view, you're able to see all your work orders.

4. Let's click on our work order that was sold to a contractor, that requires a schedule change

5. Click on "Schedule Change" in the menu that appears

6. Click on a date to change it

7. Choose a date from the menu that appears

8. When done, click "Confirm"

9. Again, click on the work order that we just issued a schedule change to

10. We can now see here that the schedule change is waiting for the contractor to confirm the change

11. We can also see the change from the work order page. Click on "View Work Order"

12. From the work order page, we can see that we requested a schedule change. Once the contractor confirms or rejects the schedule change, you will be notified

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