Editing Work Orders
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Work orders are able to be edited after being published. This allows you to make some quick, last-minute changes after you've put out your work order.

However, you must remember that once someone places an offer on a work order, you cannot edit the work order. You would need to cancel it to make changes.

This article will demonstrate how one can edit work orders:

1. Navigate to "Work Orders" on the sidebar menu

2. Click on the work order you need to make changes to

3. Click on "Edit"

4. From here, you may make changes to your work order as needed

5. Click on "Save Changes" when finished with your edits

That's all you need to make changes to a work order.

Further down, we'll demonstrate that the edit button for work orders does not appear if someone has already placed an offer or been sold a work order.

6. Click on a work order that has been sold, or has an offer

7. On the right side, we can see that one of our subcontractors has already been sold this work order

8. We cannot find our "Edit" button, because someone has already been sold this work order

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