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However you use HeyPros, the unexpected can and will happen. In this example case, the client has pointed out that we do not need to do one of the tasks originally included in the work order. We need to convey that to our contractor, and to request a price change for our work order. In this article, we will show you how one may request a price change to their contractor for an ongoing work order:


1. Navigate to "Work Orders".

2. Click on your work order to go to its detail page.

3. Click on "Edit Price"in the upper righthand corner of your screen

4.The price you enter will either add to or subtract from the current work order price. Select the "Minus" to subtract from the original work order price.

5. Click on the large number to adjust the price change value, and change it to $100. This will subtract $100 from the current work order price.

6. We can see the proposed total price below our price change input. Because we will be subtracting $100 from the current cost ($3,000), our total price after the change will be $2,900.

7. Enter a reason for the price change, so your contractor will be able to see why a price change is required.

8. When finished, click "Submit". If you do not need approval from the subcontractor on a change order, you can check off "Auto approve change order" and the change order will not go to the subcontractor for review/approval- they will simply receive a notification of the change order having been added to the invoice.

9. If you choose not to check "Auto approve change order", you will see on the work order that you have made a price change, and are waiting for the contractors approval.

10. If you have not checked off "Auto approve change order", you will be notified of the contractors choice- if they accept or reject your price change request.

Great! Our contractor was understanding and accepted the price change order, which will now reflect on the work order.

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