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Using HeyPros as a Subcontractor
(πŸ“±) Using HeyPros as a Contractor - Account Setup/ Compliance
(πŸ“±) Using HeyPros as a Contractor - Account Setup/ Compliance
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As a contractor, you will be added to HeyPros by the company that is contracting you for jobs. When they have added you to HeyPros you will receive a text message inviting you to access your new HeyPros account.

1. Tap the link that has been texted to you from HeyPros

2. You will be taken into HeyPros. In many cases, the company you're contracting for will want you to provide compliance documents (such as W9's or proof of insurance) to be eligible to do jobs for them. In our example, the painting company we want to do jobs for is letting us know we need to upload some documents.

If the company is not requesting documents from you, you will not see this yellow banner at the top of your screen and can skip to step 10.

The first thing you should do is tap "Profile" in the bottom righthand corner of your phone screen.

3. Tap "Compliance".

4. Here you will see the compliance documents that the company that is contracting you requests from you to be able to start assigning you work orders. HeyPros does not control what compliance documents a company is requesting from their subcontractors, so for any questions about the documents that are being requested from you, we recommend messaging or calling the company who is contracting you for work.

In this example, the painting company is requesting that their contractors upload proof of insurance and a signed copy of the painting company's job site rules. In this example we'll tap "COI" to upload those documents.

5. If the example painting company provided an example document for you to reference, it will show above the "Upload" bottom. In this example, we know what the painting company needs from us as a proof of insurance, so we'll tap "Upload Document".

6. From here you can either upload a file, take a picture of your insurance document to upload to the company, or if you already have an image of it in your phone's camera roll, you can choose from library. In our example, we're choosing an image from our photo library. Tap on the option you would like to choose.

7. We'll need to decide what album to upload our image from, in this example, we'll choose "Recents". Tap on the album you're choosing.

8. Tap on the photo or photos you would like to upload (for the sake of our example, please pretend these images are of insurance documents). Then tap done.

9. You will see that your images have successfully uploaded. Tap "Save".

10. At this point in our example, our account is created in HeyPros and we are able to start viewing and winning work orders. The following steps are optional.

11. To make edits to your profile in HeyPros, tap "Profile" in the bottom righthand corner.

12. In the upper righthand corner, tap "View".

13. Towards the bottom, tap "Edit profile"

14. From here, you can update your profile information if you need to make changes to what the company who invited you has entered, or if you want to include additional info. When you're finished, tap "Done".

HeyPros highly recommends that you download the HeyPros app for the best experience possible, but you can also access HeyProd via your browser or via text links you will receive from HeyPros when the company you're contracting for makes updates to jobs.

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