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Setting up a CompanyCam integration
Setting up a CompanyCam integration

How to set up an automated image feed between CompanyCam and HeyPros

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We're excited to announce that HeyPros is now able to be integrated with CompanyCam! HeyPros is partnering with industry-leading job site photo tool, CompanyCam to save you and your team time by reducing the amount of redundant data entry and image upload necessary to communicate with your subcontractors. This how-to will guide you through enabling the feed and reducing your workload.

  1. Within HeyPros navigate to Settings>Integrations

2. Once you have the Integrations page open, you will see a link for CompanyCam. Select this to begin setting up the feed.

3. If you would like, you can give your CompanyCam integration a unique name, or leave it as is. Select Next to proceed once you have decided on a name.

4. Select the Connect link.

5. A new tab will then open and you will be re-directed to a CompanyCam login page. Enter your CompanyCam account credentials and select the Sign In link.

6. If you have correctly entered your CompanyCam credentials you will see a success page. Can can now close this tab.

7. Navigate back to the tab you were previously using to access HeyPros. Select the Finish link.

8. You will now see that your configuration has been successfully enabled. You can close the CompanyCam integration window.

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