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Attaching your work order to a CompanyCam project
Attaching your work order to a CompanyCam project

How link a your HeyPros work order to a specific project in CompanyCam

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  1. Begin a new HeyPros work order as you normally would (it is important to note that you should have the CompanyCam project created before you begin your HeyPros work order). Once you have entered the necessary information into your normal fields, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a Link to CompanyCam Project toggle button. Click the toggle button to link your work order to company cam.

2. You will now see that the link to CompanyCam is turned on. You'll be able to select from a list of a CompanyCam projects attached to your CompanyCam account which project the HeyPros worker order should be attached to.

3. The CompanyCam project name will display as well as a link to the project in CompanyCam. It is recommended that you click this link to confirm that you've attached the correct CompanyCam project to your work order. You will see the images that are being fed over from CompanyCam to HeyPros select the box in the upper righthand corner of the images you would like to display in the work order. For large numbers of images you will be prompted to Select All. Similarly, you will see any documents you've uploaded to the CompanyCam project displayed here as well. Once you're satisfied with your images and documents, select continue. You have now successfully linked you HeyPros work order to CompanyCam!

*It is important to note that once you've assigned your work order to a subcontractor, additional images will not feed from CompanyCam to HeyPros, so ensure that any and all images you would like shared with your subcontractors are uploaded and fed to the worker order before you assign it. Images that your subcontractors share in messages (such as progress update pictures) and project completion photos will feed from HeyPros to CompanyCam until the project's invoice is completed*

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