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Integrating DripJobs with HeyPros
Integrating DripJobs with HeyPros
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HeyPros is excited to announce that our users are now able to use Zapier to set-up an automated data feed between DripJobs and their HeyPros account. The key benefit of the integration will be reducing the amount of information project managers need to enter in duplicate systems. Individual set-up configuration will vary slightly from company-to-company, so for the sake of this guide we will demonstrate HeyPros recommended practice.

Zapier also provides access to pre-existing templates for the integration and a guide of their own.

Step 1: Set up a free account with Zapier (if you don't already have one).

2. Login to Zapier and click on "Create" in the top lefthand corner of the screen.

3. Click "Zaps"

4. Click "Trigger"

5. Type "DripJobs" into the search bar.

6. Click on "DripJobs"

7. Under "App & event" click the "Choose an event" dropdown menu.

8. Click "Proposal Accepted".

9. Click "Account"

10. You will be prompted to enter a DripJobs API key to connect Zapier to your DripJobs account.

11. In a new browser tab, login to your DripJobs account. Once you've logged in, click "Company Settings".

12. Click "Integrations"

13. Copy the "Zapier API Key"

14. In the browser tab you previously were using to access Zapier, paste the copied "Zapier API Key".

15. Click "Yes, Continue to DripJobs"

16. DripJobs will open in a new browser tab. You can close this new DripJobs browser tab. In your Zapier tab you should see that your DripJob account has been added.

17. Click "Continue"

18. You will be prompted to test you trigger, click "Test trigger".

19. Select a proposal record from your DripJobs account to use as a test. In this example we'll be using Proposal C from our DripJobs test account. Click "Continue with selected record".

20. You'll now be prompted to "Choose an action". In the search bar type "HeyPros".

21. Click HeyPros

22. "App & event" will now open on the righthand side of the screen. Click on "Choose and event". Then click "Create Work Order".

23. Click "Continue"

24. You will now be in "Account" and prompted to connect your HeyPros account to Zapier. Start by entering in the credentials to your HeyPros account.

25. You will see a third field asking for something called your "Tenant Slug". This can be found by going into your HeyPros account and copying the text found in your URL before "". In this case, our "Tenant Slug" would be "dylanpainting". See below for example:

26. Once you've entered your "Tenant Slug" into the field, click "Yes, Continue to HeyPros".

27. Back in your Zapier tab, you should now see that your HeyPros account has been added to Zapier. Click "Continue".

28. You'll now be in the "Action" tab. There are only three required fields here; Location/Group, Work Order Title, and Work Order #. The other fields such as; Start Date, Description, and Address are optional. These are the data fields that we are asking DripJobs to feed over to HeyPros. For this example we'll just be using the required fields.

29. First select a location/group. These are the locations we have set-up in HeyPros for our example business. If you only have one location/group set-up in your HeyPros account you will only see one result here.

30. Next enter a Work Order Title using the data fields displayed in the dropdown. Click each desired data type to include it in the titles of the work orders that will be created in HeyPros when a Proposal is Accepted in DripJobs.

In our example we've chosen to have DripJobs send over the "Customer Name" and "Customer Job Address" as the Work Order Title in HeyPros when we have accepted a proposal in DripJobs. You are welcome to use any of the provided options in the dropdown to create the Work Order Title format that best fits your business' needs.

31. Next enter Work Order # using the data fields displayed in the dropdown. We recommend using "Customer Number".

32. As mentioned before, the remaining fields under "Action" are optional, but they function similarly to the examples provided above. Use them as you'd like, or ignore them entirely. Once you are done filling out the fields in "Action", click "Continue".

33. You should now see the "Test" screen. Click "Test Step".

34. Once the test is successful, click "Publish" to take the Zap live.

35. You have successfully created an integration between DripJobs and HeyPros in Zapier! You can always log back into Zapier in the future if you need to make adjustments to the integration.

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