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Integrating QuickBooks With HeyPros
Integrating QuickBooks With HeyPros
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HeyPros is excited to announce that our users are now able to use Zapier to set-up an automated data feed between their HeyPros account and QuickBooks. The primary benefit of the integration will be reduce ng the amount of manual entry your team members do within QuickBooks. Individual set-up configuration will vary slightly from company-to-company, so for the sake of this guide we will demonstrate HeyPros recommended practice.

In this article, we will show how to push an invoice your subcontractor sends inside of HeyPros and automatically create a Bill/Expense in QuickBooks.

Zapier also provides access to pre-existing templates for the integration and a guide of their own.

Step 1: Set up a free account with Zapier (if you don't already have one).

2. Login to Zapier and click on "Create" in the top lefthand corner of the screen.

3. Click "Zaps"

4. Click "Trigger"

5. Type "HeyPros" into the search bar.

6. Click on "HeyPros"

7. You'll be taken to "App & event". From the "Event" dropdown menu, select "New Work Order Invoice Accepted".

8. Click Continue

9. You will now be in "Account" and prompted to connect your HeyPros account to Zapier. Start by entering in the credentials to your HeyPros account.

10. You will see a third field asking for something called your "Company Slug". This can be found by going into your HeyPros account and copying the text found in your URL before "". In this case, our "Company Slug" would be "dylanpainting". See below for example:

11. Back in your Zapier tab, you should now see that your HeyPros account has been added to Zapier. Click "Continue".

12. In the Trigger section, select a location/group. These are the locations we have set-up in HeyPros for our example business. If you only have one location/group set-up in your HeyPros account you will only see one result here.

13. Click "Continue"

14. You should now see "Test". Click "Test Trigger".

15. Select a test work order and click "Continue with selected record".

16. The "Choose an Action" window will open automatically, Search "Quickbooks" and click on the version of Quickbooks your business uses.

17. You will now see "App & event". Use the dropdown "Event" menu to select "Create Bill (account Based)".

18. Click "Continue"

19. You will now be in "Account" and prompted to connect your Quickbooks account to Zapier. Login to your Quickbooks account.

20. Click "Continue"

21. You will now be in "Action". Click "Or add search step".

22. A pop-up window will appear, click "add a search step".

23. You'll see that there are now three steps in your Zap.

24. You should still be in "Action". Click on the "Name" field and select "Contractor Name".

25. "Should this step be considered a "success" when nothing is found?". Select "No".

26. Mark the checkbox for "Create QuickBooks Online Vendor if it doesn't exist yet?". This will trigger the creation of a QuickBooks vendor for your subcontractor upon the completion of an invoice in HeyPros if they do not already exist as a vendor in your QuickBooks account.

27. The "Phone" field is required- select "Contractor Phone" from the dropdown list.

28. The remaining fields are optional, fill out any that are useful to your business, or disregard.

29. Click "Continue" when you are finished filling the fields.

30. Next you'll be in "Test" and will need to click "Test Step".

31. Once you've had a successful test finding a vendor in QuickBooks, click "Continue".

32. You'll now be back in the Create Bill (Account Based) in QuickBooks "App & event" screen from step 18. There is no additional action required. Click "Continue".

33. You'll now see the "Account" screen. You have already logged into your QuickBooks account in steps 19 and 20. No additional action required. Click "Continue".

34. Now you'll be in the "Action" screen. Click the "Vendor" field, then select "Custom", next click "Find Vendor In QuickBooks".

35. This will open the dropdown beneath "Find Vendor in Quickbooks", next click "ID".

36. The following fields are optional and their usage will vary from company-to-company, for the sake of this guide, we've filled in some example data.

37. The only two remaining required fields are "Amount", where we've selected the "Current Price Amount" from HeyPros and "Account" where we're using the Contractors expense account from our example QuickBooks account. The other fields pictured are optional- use them as your company sees fit.

38. Although this is an optional field, we highly recommend using the Memo field. In this example we've used it to log important project information and milestones for our accounting team's easy reference.

39. You'll now see the "Test" screen. Click "Test Step". Once the test is successful, click "Publish" to take the Zap live.

40. Congratulations! You have successfully created an integration between HeyPros and QuickBooks in Zapier!

If you visit your QuickBooks account, you will now see a new bill created and appropriately attached to the vendor (subcontractor). This means your accounting team no longer has to do unnecessary manual data entry when a subcontractor sends in an invoice.

You can always log back into Zapier in the future if you need to make adjustments to the integration.

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