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"Workflow View" is a new feature within HeyPros that will allows you to view and organize your HeyPros work orders in a Kanban-style board.

The board is organized in easily customized "Columns" and "Labels", and work orders can be dragged and dropped between columns.

1. You can access the Workflow View by logging into your HeyPros account and clicking on "Work Orders" in the menu.

2. Next, click on the "Workflow View" icon seen in the upper righthand corner of your screen.

3. You will now be prompted to create a workflow. Click the "Create Workflow" button.

4. Name your workflow, assign a location/group (if you only have a single location set-up in HeyPros your default "Location" will be the name of you company), set the new workflow as you default workflow, and click "Create"

5. You will now see two default columns labeled "New" and Closed" . You can create custom columns or edit existing columns by clicking the dropdown menu that shows the name of your Workflow, in this case "Dylan's Workflow".

6. Then click "Edit Columns" to begin customizing your workflow.

You can also easily create a "New Workflow" in this dropdown menu (for example if you have multiple locations it likely makes sense to have a separate workflow view for each).

You're also able to "Edit Workflow" to rename your existing workflow or assign it to a different location/group.

"Delete Workflow" to permanently delete your existing workflow.

We'll address "Manage Labels" a bit later in this article.

7. Once you've clicked "Edit Columns" you'll see that a new "+" icon has been added to your board. Click on "+" to begin adding or editing columns.

8. A small window will open prompting you to either search through your existing column labels or to create a "New Label" for a new column. Click "New Label".

9. In the upper lefthand corner of you'll be able to change the color of you new label. You'll need to name the label and can optionally write a brief description. Once you're done, click "Create".

10. You'll see that your newly created column with the label "Finalizing WO Details" has been created. Repeat 7-9 until you've created all of the columns your team will need. Once you're done creating new columns or editing existing ones, click "Done".

You will also notice the trashcan symbol in your new columns, which will allow you to delete the column, as well as the label symbol which will allow you to edit an existing column.

11. Now that you've created your columns-

-You can begin to organize your work orders in various columns by clicking and dragging them with your cursor.

12. You can now click the dropdown menu in the upper righthand corner of your screen and select "Manage Labels" to create organizational labels for your work order within the workflow view.

13. Within "Labels" you'll see labels that have already been created as well as your labeled columns.Click "New Label" to create a new label.

14. You'll notice that this is the same window as step 9. when you created a new column. Functionally, column names are labels, but not all labels have columns associated with them. From here you can change the color of your label and give it a name. You may not need to add a description for a label such as "Unhappy Customer". Click "Create" when you're done.

15. To assign a label to a work order, go back to your main "Workflow View" page and click on a work order.

16. A small window will open on your righthand side. Click "Add Labels" to assign labels as needed top your work order.

You can also edit your work order here (if it hasn't been sold yet) by clicking the pencil icon, open a detailed view of the work order by clicking "View Work order", or cancel the work order by clicking "Cancel Work Order".

17. If you have already sold your work order to a subcontractor, you will not see the edit option, but there will be "Schedule Change" button that when clicked will allow you to propose a scheduling change for the work order to your subcontractor.

18. Finally, you can also create new work order from this screen by clicking the "+" icon in the righthand corner of the workflow view page.

Congratulations! You're now an expert in HeyPros' Workflow View. Make sure to utilize our powerful tools to keep your team organized and make sure your project are on track.

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