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Integrating Stripe with HeyPros
Integrating Stripe with HeyPros
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HeyPros is excited to offer an optional package allowing you to integrate your HeyPros account with Stripe Connect. This package will allow you to payout your subcontractors directly through HeyPros- you can even schedule payouts to be done at regular intervals!

Step 1:

Visit In the navigation bar click on "Products", the click "Connect", and then click "Get started with Connect" to begin creating your Stripe Connect account.

Step 2:

Create you Stripe Connect account, complete your business profile with Stripe, and verify your email to begin the Stripe Connect account verification process. This process can take 2-5 business days and Stripe may contact you for additional information during this time.

Step 3:

Once Stripe has verified your Stripe Connect account and granted you account access, use the Stripe account search bar to look for "API Keys". It can also be found under Developers> API Keys. Click into "API Keys".

Step 4:

Once within "API Keys" click "Create secret key".

Step 5:

Name the secret key and click "Create".

Step 6:

You have successfully created a secret key. Click 'Done".

Step 7:

Keep Stripe open and in a new tab, open HeyPros. Navigate in your HeyPros menu to "Settings" and then "General". If you have paid to add a Stripe integration to your HeyPros account, you'll see a Stripe section that looks like this-

⭐️ If you'd like to have this feature added to your account, reach out to us at [email protected] ⭐️

Step 8:

Click the "Enable Stripe" toggle. Copy and paste your "Secret Key" from Stripe into the "Stripe secret key" field in HeyPros. You will also see in Stripe, near your "Secret Key" a "Publishable Key"; copy and paste this into the HeyPros "Stripe Publishable Key" field. Click "save".

Step 9:

In the same settings section in HeyPros you can set the amount of time for a payout to automatically take place after a Work Order has been marked done by your team. Use the Contractor Payouts plus or minus symbols to add or subtract business days.

Step 10:

You should now see that "Contractor Payouts" has been added to your HeyPros menu.

From here you can manage your payouts, cancel, reschedule them, and view your invoices.

Congratulations, you have set-up your Stripe Connect integration!

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