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What our CompanyCam integration can do
What our CompanyCam integration can do
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Now that you've successfully integrated your CompanyCam account with HeyPros, you're probably wondering what's possible through the integration.

Your images, blueprints, and other documents from your CompanyCam projects will be fed directly into HeyPros on work orders that you attach to specific CompanyCam projects.

It is important to note that you should have the CompanyCam project created, and images uploaded to it before you begin your HeyPros work order. Once the work order has been sold to a subcontractor, you will not be able to feed additional images to the work order from CompanyCam or upload additional images to the work order within HeyPros as the sale of the work order is the beginning of your contract with your subcontractor.

After the work order has been sold to your subcontractor, any images that the subcontractor uploads to your team via the HeyPros messenger tool (such as project status update photos, job completion photos, etc.) will be fed directly into your CompanyCam project for that work order. All images shared by a subcontractor will be appropriately tagged in CompanyCam. Your team will be able to see that the image came from HeyPros and they will also be able to see the name of the subcontractor who submitted the image.

There is no cut-off for images being fed from your subcontractor's messages into Company; for example if you needed to request an additional image from a subcontractor a month after the work order has been completed, as long as they share it through HeyPros it will be fed back into your CompanyCam project automatically.

From your subcontractors' perspective, they will only have to work through HeyPros as our integration removes the need for them to have their own CompanyCam accounts or even visit CompanyCam directly. By reducing the amount of accounts and softwares your subcontractors use, they'll have more time to focus on your projects!

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